PWR in the press

KITTENS charity DJ workshop for women, by women

Providing education, empowerment, and support to women who are looking to learn a new skill

All proceeds donated to local shelters



"Partnering with Jay of RUN-D.M.C's Scratch DJ Academy and the world leading DJ software company, Serato, the Los Angeles native recently announced her first all-female DJ workshop series, PWR WITH KITTENS, a class where Kittens teaches the fundamentals of becoming a disc jockey to women in an environment where they can thrive without misogynist judgment."


Mass appeal

"Any woman who spins records will inevitably have a moment when someone incredulously asks, “Were you reallyDJing up there??” For KITTENS, that moment came after a SXSW gig when she was touring with Kid Cudi. The person who asked? Usher."


bpm supreme

"DJ Kittens Proves There’s “PWR” in the Female DJ Community"